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Property Information

When performing a People Search, the results report will also extend the option to view property information related to the individual.

Enter a name and/or address into the search bar above to get started.

Land Registry Sales Data

HM Land Registry holds online records for more than 20 million registered properties in England and Wales since 1999. Peopletracer integrates this information within the people search results, allowing you to access, where available, Land Registry house prices and other detailed information about an address. Our online Land Registry information includes:

  • Property type
  • The tenure
  • Property transfer date
  • Purchase price

Property Owner Search

Should you need to know the owner of a property in England and Wales, perhaps to settle a dispute or to make an offer on a house, a home owner check will confirm the owner’s name and if it is solely or jointly owned.

To use Property Owner Search, enter a name and/or address into the search bar to get started. The Property Owner search button is located within the ‘Property’ tab.

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