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People Search

Do you need help finding someone? Perhaps lost family, friends or customers? If the answer is yes, then Peopletracer can help. Our online people finder tool trawls through hundreds of millions of records taken from the Electoral Roll and the UK's official Telephone Directory database to deliver you the search results you've been looking for.

Find school friends, a lost relative or any other missing person by typing in their name - and an approximate location if you have it - and we'll return the required information that will help you track them down in seconds! Full addresses, additional occupants, contact phone numbers, property information, financial information and more are all just a few clicks away.

To ensure our UK people search tool remains one of the most comprehensive available online, we update our database with thousands of new profiles each and every day.

How to find someone

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Find People and Addresses

If you just want to know who is living in a particular area, the Peopletracer address search tool can be used for that purpose too. Enter a partial address, such as a street name and city, and we will provide you with up to 200 results related to your search.

Alternatively, if your friend or relative is not long lost, but you've suffered the misfortune of misplacing their contact details, the Peopletracer search tool can also be used as an address finder, by entering only a name into the search fields. However, if the person you are looking for has one of the UK's more popular names, you may need to offer the search tool a helping hand by providing a target city or town.

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