Lost family

Finding lost family members couldn’t be easier with Peopletracer. If you’ve lost contact with a relative or are trying to find long lost family members, we can help. With access to over 300 million records, our people search engine will help you find relatives.

If you’ve lost family members over the years, whether through moving home or a family separation, and you’d like them to be a part of your life again, our relative finder can help you. Or perhaps you’re planning a family reunion and you need to have up-to-date address details to send out invites to lost family members; if so, Peopletracer can help you find relatives and re-connect by simply using our relative finder.

How to find relatives

Peopletracer provides you with access to the current and historic Electoral Roll along with the Telephone Directory*, Land Registry information and Google Maps to help pinpoint the exact location of lost family members.

All you need to do is sign up and create an account with us, you'll then be able to use our relative finder to find relatives.

To get going:

  • Enter a first name and surname, or initial and surname into the search bar to return names and addresses - full information will also be returned if you just enter the postcode in the address search bar

  • Enter a name and address into both search bars to obtain telephone numbers (if available)

  • Enter an address into the address search bar to return occupant information - we advise adding as much detail as possible, as this helps refine your search

Good luck with your search!

If you do find lost family members, we'd love to hear all about your success.