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Peopletracer Helpful Guides

Reconnecting at Christmas

Sending Christmas cards is one of the first traditions many will observe in the run up to Christmas. Whether it's a specially designed family photo card or a simple card from a supermarket multi-pack, we all appreciate the gesture and get a warm feeling from knowing that we are in someone else's thoughts at Christmas.

Sending Christmas cards is also a great excuse to get in touch with people you haven't spoken to all year or maybe for a few years. However, finding these people – especially those who may have moved house – isn't always easy.

Finding Lost Family Guide

Losing touch with family can happen for a huge variety of reasons – adoption, arguments or moving overseas can all result in us no longer possessing the contact details of those we should be closest to.

Of all separations, estrangement from our family members is perhaps the most painful. Family is about more than shared DNA and losing touch can feel like losing a piece of yourself.

Landlord Check Guide

We see a lot in the news about tenants falling victim to rogue landlords, but much less about the landlords who fall victim to rogue tenants.

Tenant fraud and identify theft is a big problem and landlords are particularly vulnerable to abuse by would-be scammers.

Tenant Check Guide

As house prices soar, more of us than ever are turning to renting – in fact, two thirds of under 35s are in the rental market and are now referred to as 'Generation Rent'.

With such huge demand, so called 'rogue landlords' are getting away with more than ever, with an increasing number of renters feeling 'ripped off'.

Find old friends

Finding old friends couldn't be easier with Peopletracer. If you've lost contact with a friend and would like to get back in touch, we can help. With access to over 300 million records, our people search engine will help you find old friends.