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Electoral Roll

If you want to get in touch with someone, but don’t have their full address or a telephone number, Peopletracer’s Electoral Roll search can assist you in tracking them down.

Whether it’s a long-lost relative, an old friend you haven’t seen for years or an absent customer, there are many reasons why you may want to find someone’s contact details. Maybe you’re planning a reunion and you need to double-check the addresses before you send out an invite, or perhaps you want to find the phone number of a friend as you have some important news to share with them. Whatever your reason, Peopletracer's Electoral Roll search can help.

Peopletracer’s people search and address finding tool has gathered over a decade’s worth of Electoral Roll information (2002–2017), accumulating hundreds of millions of records that offers you:

  • Full Names
  • Detailed Addresses
  • Length of Residency
  • Other household occupants
  • Previous household occupants

To see an example of what your search will retrieve, you can view a sample record before you create an account with us.

Performing an Electoral Roll search

Once you’ve signed up to one of our great value packages, or logged into your account, you can enter information into the search fields at the top of the page to start looking for people throughout the UK.

Electoral Roll search – why choose Peopletracer?

When you perform an Electoral Roll search with alternative people search sites, they’ll only offer you access to their most recent Electoral Roll database, charging you an additional and inflated fee to view historical information. Peopletracer provides access to all 2002–2017 databases with no added costs.

Aside from the Electoral Roll, your search also looks at other data, including the Telephone Directory, Land Registry data and Google Maps, to provide you with even more information to help you find the person you are looking for.

What is the Electoral Roll?

The Electoral Roll, also known as the Electoral Register is a list containing the names and contact details for every registered voter in the UK.

Prior to 2003, there was one publicly available register without specific restrictions on use or any facility to opt-out.

Since 2003, the electoral roll has been available in two formats; the full version and the edited version. The full version has viewing laws applied to it, and Peopletracer, along with other people searching facilities, are only permitted to use the edited version, which omits people who have chosen to opt-out in each relevant year. The most recent version of the edited Electoral Roll is updated on a monthly basis, ensuring you have access to the very latest available information to help your search.

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How can I appear on the Electoral Register?

As a UK citizen, appearing on the Electoral Register entitles you to have your say on important issues, giving you the right to vote in elections and referendums. For further information, please visit www.aboutmyvote.co.uk