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Payment Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Introduction

    Please read these Payment Terms and Conditions carefully before using this website operated by Peopletracer Limited (“Peopletracer Limited”, “Peopletracer”, “We”), Company Registration number 6973660.

    Peopletracer is a trading name of Peopletracer Limited. Our contact address is Global Reach, Dunleavy Drive, Cardiff, CF11 0SN. Our website can be found at www.peopletracer.co.uk and you can contact us via e-mail at info@peopletracer.co.uk.

    We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Interim Permission Consumer Credit reference number 0663688 and with the Information Commissioner’s Office under the Data Protection Act 1998 with Registration number Z1898545. Our VAT Registration number is GB 981 4976 68.

    Without prejudice to the foregoing, by using our website you are agreeing to be legally bound by our Website Terms of Use and Privacy and Cookie Policy as they relate to your use of or access to our website.

    If you do not wish to be bound by our Website Terms of Use or have any objections to our Privacy and Cookie Policy then you may not use or access our website.

    These Payment Terms and Conditions, the Website Terms of Use and Privacy and Cookie Policy and any other written document you are referred to herein form the entire agreement between us.

  • 2. Definitions

    Commercial Purpose

    Any usage whatsoever by private individuals for personal financial gain;

    Any usage, excluding internal business purposes, for either financial or non-financial gain by any other entity including self-employed individuals, sole traders, partnerships, firms, clubs, associations, registered charities, unregistered charities, limited companies, public companies, friendly societies, limited liability partnerships, unlimited incorporated companies, corporations and incorporations.

    County Court Judgment (“CCJ”) Information

    A premium database containing information from the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines enabling you to check whether or not a specified individual at a specific address has had any County Court Judgments recorded against them in the six years prior to the date on which you performed your search.

    Fair Usage Policy

    Your usage of our website must be undertaken in accordance with our Fair Usage Policy which has been designed in order to prevent any unauthorised, illegal or excessive use of the website or any of the information or material contained within it – please see Section 5 below.

  • 3. Copyright

    The content of our website is protected by international copyright laws and other intellectual property rights. The owner or licensee of these rights is Peopletracer Limited. All product, company names and logos detailed on our website are the trademarks, service marks or trading names of Peopletracer Limited or our licensors. CCJ Information is subject to Crown Copyright for England and Wales and copyright of the jurisdiction issuing the information for other territories. Some telephone data provided through the website is supplied under licence from British Telecommunications plc and you have no rights in any BT trademarks nor any right to reproduce those trademarks on any material. You may download material from our website solely for placing an order or to subscribe. However, you may not otherwise copy, modify, reproduce, upload, transmit or distribute in any manner, any material or information on or downloaded from our website without our written prior consent or the prior written consent of the relevant third party licensor.

  • 4. User Payment

    • 4.1
      Your order is an offer to purchase services from us. When you confirm you wish to purchase the service we will take your payment by debiting the Credit or Debit Card you have provided. Your contract with Peopletracer Limited is deemed to commence when your payment for the service has been authorised. We reserve the right to use the personal information you provide to verify your identity and for other related purposes, such as where we suspect the website is being used for fraud or other illegal purposes.
    • 4.2
      The payment fee for the service selected (“Credit Package”) is calculated and payable in advance according to number of credits you choose to purchase during the sign up process. The Company shall be under no obligation to provide the service until the appropriate fee has been paid and authorised and at any point up until then, we may decline to supply the service to you without giving any reason. All fees quoted are expressed to be exclusive of any VAT payable, unless otherwise stated.
    • 4.3
      Once your payment for the Credit Package selected has been authorised, an individual Account will be created for you enabling you to access the service for your own personal or internal business use, subject to our Fair Usage Policy.
    • 4.4
      Your Account will be automatically credited with the number of search credits applicable to the Credit Package you have selected and will remain available to you for a fixed access period of 6 months from the date your payment was authorised. You will receive an email confirming the selected Credit Package, payment fee and relevant expiry date of the search credits purchased shortly after the agreed payment is authorised.
    • 4.5
      If you wish to top-up your existing Credit Package before the end of the fixed access period, any unused credits will be added to any new Credit Package you purchase and will be available for a further 6 months.
    • 4.6
      If you have an existing monthly or annual subscription package (not currently available to new subscribers) that you wish to amend or cancel, you will be able to purchase a new Credit Package through your Account. Any unused credits from your subscription package (excluding any free trial credits) will be added to the new Credit Package you purchase and will be available for a further 6 months.
    • 4.7
      At the end of the fixed access period, any unused credits will expire and shall be removed from your account unless you choose to purchase an additional Credit Package. Where you have unused credits remaining prior to the expiry of this fixed access period, you will be further reminded by email at least 1 week in advance of the relevant expiry date.
    • 4.8
      Where the fixed access period of any Credit Package you purchase expires and you have not elected to top-up your credits, your individual Account will remain active until you wish to purchase further Credit Packages.
    • 4.9
      You may periodically be offered discount offers and promotional incentives. Peopletracer Limited reserves the right to terminate these offers at any time without notice.
    • 4.10
      We reserve the right to regularly review our fees and any increases will be displayed on our website or via an e-mail announcement.
  • 5. Fair Usage Policy

    • 5.1
      You are entitled to use the data provided on our website for your own personal or internal business use only and not for any other commercial purposes, including but not limited to any unsolicited marketing.
    • 5.2
      You may not attempt to download or extract significant amounts of information from the service to compile, sell, rent or otherwise make available the information, or any substantial part of the information, to any third parties whatsoever.
    • 5.3
      You are restricted from integrating this service into any other internet or online facility without written agreement from Peopletracer Limited.
    • 5.4
      We allow you to access our website on the understanding that information will not be used in a malicious or illegal manner. You must ensure your access to our website and usage of any of the content provided on it complies at all times with the Data Protection Act 1998 (“DPA”), as amended, and any related legislation, rules or regulations including and the Code of Practice on Telecommunications Directory Information Covering the Fair Processing of Personal Data (21 December 1998). Accessing and using information from this service otherwise than permitted under these Terms and Conditions may be an offence under section 55 of the DPA for which you could be prosecuted.
    • 5.5
      You shall maintain appropriate security and confidentiality measures as required under principle 7 of the DPA to prevent access to the service and information by any unauthorised person.
    • 5.6
      We reserve the right to terminate access of any Account holders without issuing a refund who we suspect have provided us with false personal, credit card, contact or residence details.
    • 5.7
      We reserve the right to terminate access of any Account holders without issuing a refund who we suspect are continuously accessing the service from different browsers and IP addresses.
    • 5.8
      We reserve the right to terminate access of any Account holders without issuing a refund who we suspect are utilising the service for any commercial purpose (other than for internal business purposes), including a free or paid lookup service.
    • 5.9
      A maximum of 200 results can be provided with each people search request. Telephone Directory results will only be returned in your search results, if available, when the address field is completed and the address area is no larger than a town/city.
    • 5.10
      You may not use the information from the service to compile, whether in whole or in part, any database of information including but not limited to the Telephone Directory, Edited Electoral Roll or CCJ Information. You may not export or permit the export of any significant amount of the information or services to a country which is not within the European Economic Area (EEA) or any country not approved by the European Commission as having adequate protection for the protection of personal data.
    • 5.11
      Access to certain premium datasets, including but not limited to Business Searches, Company Appointments and CCJ Information are charged at higher rates through the use of multiple credits.
    • 5.12
      You will be charged the relevant number of credits as soon as you click to select the information that is available for your chosen search. It is not possible to issue refunds for searches made by mistake, or for any other reason.
    • 5.13
      You agree that if you if any complaint is made relating to your use of any information you will assist Peopletracer Limited, its data suppliers, or any relevant authorities in investigating the complaint and you shall take such steps as are reasonably necessary to remedy the complaint as soon as reasonably possible.
  • 6. Cancellation Rights

    • 6.1
      If you are a consumer in the EU, you have the right to cancel this agreement subject to the following provisions:
      • 6.1.1
        Where the supply of services has been fully performed, i.e. you have utilised all you Credits, your right to cancel the agreement will have already ended.
      • 6.1.2
        Where you do still have the right to cancel this agreement, the following shall apply:
        • (a)
          You have the right to cancel this agreement within 14 days without giving any reason.
        • (b)
          The cancellation period will expire after 14 days from the day of the start of the agreement, that being when your payment for the service has been authorised, enabling you to access the service and utilise your Credits through your individual Account.
        • (c)
          To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us of your decision to cancel this agreement by a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post or e-mail):
          Address: Customer Services, Peopletracer Limited, Global Reach Dunleavy Drive Cardiff CF11 0SN;
          Email: info@peopletracer.co.uk.
    • 6.2
      Your access to the service may be terminated by written notice from us if you are in material breach of this agreement and the breach is not remedied within the period of 14 days after written notice of the breach has been given to you. If we reasonably believe your breach of these terms and conditions affects our lawful operation of the service or third party customers, we may suspend or terminate your access to the service at any time without prior notice.
  • 7. Licensing

    No licence of any intellectual property rights is granted to you as a result of your access to peopletracer.co.uk.

  • 8. Disclaimer

    Peopletracer.co.uk is provided by Peopletracer Limited on an "as is" basis and the site is accessed at your own risk. Peopletracer Limited and its associated content providers make considerable efforts to make search results as accurate as possible. However, we accept no responsibility for the accuracy or entirety of data contained in our databases.

  • 9. Key Dataset Access

    • 9.1
      Our database provides nationwide coverage of the 2002-2017 Electoral Roll (Edited versions from 2003), which, apart from 2002, offered an "opt out" facility for those who did not wish their name to appear on the commercially available register. This data is updated on a monthly basis and access is permitted subject to our Fair Usage Policy detailed in section 5.
    • 9.2
      Our database contains various other datasets and search functionality, which we reserve the right to withdraw at any time and without notice at our discretion.
  • 10. Refund Policy

    • 10.1
      If you choose cancel this agreement, we will, subject to 10.2, reimburse to you all payments received from you. We will make the reimbursement without undue delay, and not later than 14 days after the day on which we are informed about your decision to cancel this agreement. We will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly requested otherwise; in any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of the reimbursement.
    • 10.2
      If you begin the performance of services (i.e. utilisation of Credits) during the cancellation period, you shall pay us an amount proportionate to the amount services that has been performed (i.e. number of Credits utilised) until you have communicated to us your cancellation of this agreement in comparison with the full performance of the services.