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Nov 14

Property Ownership and CCJ Search now added to your Peopletracer

Posted on Thursday 14th November 2013

Have you ever been in a situation where you’d love to purchase a property but don’t know who owns it? What if you need to settle a dispute with a landowner but you don’t actually know who the owner is? Well, Peopletracer now has a solution.

What do you do if you need to know if the person you might be making a business deal with is genuine, with an unblemished payment record? Or what if you need to check that a potential tenant has an admirable financial history? Again, Peopletracer can provide some of the answers.

Simply perform the usual People Search and you’ll find ‘property’ and ‘financial’ information within the results report and the option to conduct a Property Owner Search and a County Court Judgment (CCJ) Search.

The additional search results will confirm if the individual is indeed the owner or perhaps a joint owner of the property and if the individual has a CCJ recorded against his or her name.

Land Registry Sales Data

Peopletracer has integrated Land Registry Sales Data into its People Search facility, providing information, where available, on the type of property, whether it’s freehold or leasehold, the transfer date and the purchase price. 20 million registered properties in England and Wales can be searched using this service.

County Court Judgments

Courts will enforce a judgment on debtors who have defaulted on their debts. After a CCJ has been registered the debtor has 28 days to repay any outstanding monies, should the debt be paid within that time the debtor can apply for the CCJ record to be removed.

Recorded on the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines for six years, CCJ records are useful for a variety of business or perhaps personal reasons, such as, credit vetting, employee background checks, debtor tracing, due diligence and insolvency research.

Peopletracer is able to provide access to CCJs for England & Wales and also provides the equivalent records for Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Jersey, providing comprehensive UK coverage of court judgments.

Peopletracer integrates all the information within the People Search results, allowing you to confirm if a CCJ match is found against an individual.