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Sep 15

Friends Reunited: Peopletracer Success Stories

Posted on Monday 15th September 2014

This month, we're going to be continuing our series on Peopletracer success stories. Over the years, we've reunited countless individuals with people that they've lost contact with.

With the click of a button, our people searching tools can start you on a journey of rediscovery. To inspire you to get started, here are some more of our favourite stories.

Success Story

Image by: simpleinsomnia

Jemima and Carole – Reunited after 40 years


Jemima and Carole were close friends at school and into their twenties. Over the years Jemima had tried many ways to track Carole down – all of which had been unsuccessful. She'd received some snippets of information from Friends Reunited, but had started to doubt how accurate they were, as she still hadn't found her friend.


Peopletracer's online records were able to confirm that the information Jemima had received was correct. It also appeared that Carole had moved to France in the 1980s.

Jemima believed that Carole had been widowed in France, but it was not known whether she had remarried or returned to the UK under a different surname.

Again using Peopletracer's online records, it was possible to trace Carole's brother and sister in the UK. Jemima was able to write to Carole's brother David, and just a few weeks later received a letter from Carole in France.

The two friends are now back in contact and hoping to meet up soon.

Dorothy and Betty – Reunited after 75 years


Dorothy and Betty were school friends who hadn't been in contact since 1940, when they were both evacuees with their school in Weymouth Dorset. 75 years late, Dorothy decided to track down her old companion.


Dorothy knew a couple of Betty's family details which could help with the search – there were two siblings, one being a younger brother called William, and the family came from South London and lived in the famous "Lambeth Walk" area. She also knew the surname – however, it was relatively common.

Using this information, it was possible to check Peopletracer's online records for possible birth entries. The records revealed that there had been three entries with the same mother's maiden name, all born in the Lambeth area of South London at roughly the right period before WW2. The entry for Betty showed that her first Christian name was Elizabeth Betty.

With this information, Peopletracer's online records could be checked for a possible marriage for Elizabeth Betty – there was one, she had married in South London in 1949.

Checking our online electoral records revealed that the couple were still married and now living in Kent.

A quick phone call was all it took - Betty was delighted to be put back in touch with Dorothy.

Jessica and Susan – Reunited after 30 years


Jessica lost contact with her friend Susan when she moved to New Zealand. She had previously tried to find Susan but had been unsuccessful. However, she decided to give it another go.


Jessica could remember a lot of helpful information about Susan, including her date of birth, possible siblings and a date and place of marriage. However, Susan's marriage name was Smith – an incredibly common name, which had previously proved to be a stumbling block in Jessica's search.

With the above information, it was possible to check Peopletracer's online records and find second initials for Susan and her husband which was very important with such a common surname.

This new information turned up an address for one of Susan's brothers – however, a letter sent to the address received no reply. It was then necessary to check Peopletracer's online electoral rolls, which found an address for the family in Berkshire. The family, though, had since moved and it was not possible to find a more recent address.

Luckily, contacting the current occupants in this case proofed fruitful, as they were able to provide an email address for Susan's family. Susan and Jessica are now happily exchanging emails and have arranged to meet up when Jessica next comes over to the UK.

Roger and his RAF friend Thomas – Reunited after 50 years


Roger had met Thomas in Malta, when they were both serving in the RAF in 1949. They had kept in touch when they were back in 'Civvy Street' and Thomas even attended Roger's wedding in 1952. They even corresponded when Thomas left for Canada, where he married and had a son.

However, in the 1960s the letters ceased and contact was lost. 50 years later, Roger really wanted to be back in touch with his dear friend but didn't have much hope, given the length of time that had passed since they were last in touch.


Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to check Thomas' birth entry to find out his official Christian and surnames as he was born in the Irish Republic. Fortunately however, it was possible to check Peopletracer's online electoral rolls to see how many people in the UK shared Thomas' very unusual surname.

As there were only a handful, it was possible to write to all those who shared Thomas' surname from 1930s onwards. Thomas' sister in law replied and was able to give an address for Thomas in Canada.

Roger was delighted and quickly wrote to Thomas, who responded with a telephone call. Thanks to modern technology the two friends are now back in touch after 50 years.

These Peopletracer success stories prove that with modern technology, it is possible to track lost friends down, no matter how long you've been separated.

Have you successfully tracked someone down using our people searching tools? Send your stories to info@peopletracer.co.uk.