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Aug 12

Friends Reunited: Peopletracer Success Stories

Posted on Tuesday 12th August 2014

This month we're continuing our series on Peopletracer success stories. Our people searching tools have reunited countless individuals, enabling them to rekindle friendships that they might otherwise have lost.

Whether you've been out of touch for 70 years or just a couple, it can be difficult to track someone down if you rely on old fashioned methods. Here are some friends that our tools have helped to reunite.

Reginald and Valerie – Reunited after 60 Years


Barbara wanted to find Valerie and her family on behalf of her brother Reginald, who hadn't seen them for 60 years. Valerie had lived in Wolford Woods in Gloucestershire, where her father had bought a share of the woodland which he harvested as a business, and she and Reginald had attended the local school together.


Barbara knew that the family came from the Birmingham area, so it was possible to search Peopletracer's online GRO Index and find details of the family.

Peopletracer's online electoral records could then be searched, which produced an address and telephone number for one of Valerie's sisters, Sandra, who was then able to provide a contact number for Valerie.

Barbara and Reginald were then able to contact Valerie, and memories of the days spent in Wolford came flooding back.

Success Story

Image by: drukelly

Douglas and Dorothy – News after 70 years


Douglas and Dorothy were wartime friends, who lost touch after the conflict. 70 years later at the grand age of 93, Douglas decided to track down his old companion.

News at Last

Fortunately, Douglas could remember a fair amount of information about Dorothy and knew that she had married Stanley back in 1944. It was then possible to trace this marriage using Peopletracer's online records.

The next step was to check Peopletracer's online birth indexes to establish if Stanley and Dorothy had any children – they hadn't – but through checking the death indexes it sadly emerged that Dorothy had died in 1990 in East Devon.

A search of Peopletracer's online electoral rolls revealed that Stanley was now living in East Devon and had remarried in 1993 to Daphne.

Whilst Douglas was very sad that his old friend had passed away, he was able to write to Stanley and the two 93 year olds are now exchanging fond memories of Dorothy.

David and Raymond – Reunited after 40 years


David wanted to get back in touch with his friends Raymond and Faith who he hadn't seen for 40 years. Raymond and Faith were brother and sister, making it possible to track them down as a pair.


David knew that Raymond's first marriage had ended in divorce, so it was possible to search Peopletracer's on line marriage indexes, which revealed Raymond's second marriage in 1997 and a Christian name for his new wife.

Using this information, Peopletracer's online electoral rolls provided a possible address for Raymond in Devon, together with a contact telephone number.

Sadly, Faith had passed away some years previously. However, David was happy to be able to get back in touch with his old friend Raymond.

John & Dianne and friends Barry & Marian – Reunited after 3 years


John and Dianne wanted to find their friends Barry and Marian, as they had lost their contact details. However, they did know which area they may have moved to. Despite only having been out of touch for a few years, Peopletracer is as relevant with this type of search as much as one that spans decades.


John knew a good deal of information that could help with the search such as the names and approximate ages of the couple's two daughters.

Thanks to Peopletracer's online records, a marriage record was found for one of the daughters. With this information it was possible to search Peopletracer's online electoral rolls for an address. This revealed that Barry and Marian had recently been living with their daughters, and also provided a new address and telephone number.

After several years out of contact, John and Dianne were finally able to get back in touch with their friends.

It’s easy to lose contact with people that you were once close to. Luckily, if this has happened to you, Peopletracer's people finding tools can help you to track them down.

Have you used our facility to reconnect with someone? Send your stories to info@peopletracer.co.uk.