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Jun 25

Friends reunited: Peopletracer success stories

Posted on Wednesday 25th June 2014

It could happen to any of us – one moment you’re the closest companions, and then marriage, careers, children and general life intervenes. Before you know it, months out of contact turn into years, and the contact details you have for the person are out of date.

So, what can you do? Luckily Peopletracer's people searching tools are here to give you a helping hand, enabling you to trace and reconnect with those you have lost contact with. A simple search using the person's name, and ideally a location, can return a wealth of data including their full address, other occupants at that address, telephone number and records of births, deaths and marriages.

Every day, Peopletracer successfully reunites people with their long lost friends and family. We thought we'd share some of these success stories with you, to inspire you to follow up your own lost companions.

Here are some of our favourites.

Irene Smith and Jean Jones – back in contact after 50 years


Irene and Joan both worked together on RMS Orontes and became firm friends. However, in 1959 Jean left the Orontes to get married and the two women lost touch. 50 years later, Irene missed her old companion and decided to try and track her down.

How were they reunited?

Jean's last name 'Jones' was very common, making the search more difficult. Luckily, Irene remembered details such as where she came from in the UK and her maiden name, which was as unusual as her married name was common.

Peopletracer's online records were able to trace Jean's birth and marriage entries, which provided a second initial for Jean, and a first name and second initial for her husband – very handy for a surname like 'Jones’.

This extra information made it possible to successfully trace Jean and her husband on Peopletracer's online electoral records.

After 50 years, Irene was finally able to write to Jean and the old friends are now back in contact.

Barbara and Sheena – back in contact after 35 years


Barbara and Sheena first met in the 1970s, when they both worked at Paddington College of Further Education. Whilst at the college, Barbara enrolled on a 'china repair' course and was given a broken candlestick by Sheena.

However, the friends lost touch, and 35 years later Barbara realised that she still possessed Sheena's unrepaired candlestick. Feeling guilty she decided to track Sheena down, so that she could finally return the item.

How were they reunited?

Fortunately, Barbara still remembered Sheena and her husband's full names and approximate dates of birth. With this information, it was possible to find Sheena's current address using Peopletracer's online electoral roll search.

Sheena was delighted to hear from Barbara and was quite amused about the candlestick, which incidentally after all this time is still broken!

Joan and Hazel – back in contact after 70 years


Joan wanted to find her cousin Hazel, who she remembered as a child of 5 before the Second World War.

During the war, Hazel's mother Ada had left the UK for Tahiti, and Joan was unsure whether or not she had taken Hazel with her.

How were they reunited?

The fact that Hazel had an unusual middle name and surname, and that Joan could remember a huge amount of family history, were very useful factors in this case.

Through Peopletracer's online marriage records, it was possible to find out that Hazel had married in the UK, establishing a new surname.. Hazel could then be searched on the electoral roll, further revealing a current address.

Joan was able to write to Hazel – finally putting the cousin's back in touch after 70 years.

Joan and Hazel

Image by: friedX

Carole and Sharon – back in contact after 40 years


Carole wanted to find her late sister's children Sharon and David, who she hadn't been in touch with for 40 years.

How were they reunited?

Although Carole remembered a lot of details, her niece and nephew had a very common surname, making the search more difficult.

Peopletracer became very useful in this case. It was possible to confirm Sharon and David's years of birth, which also provided their second initials – an enormously useful piece of information.

To narrow the search even further, Peopletracer's marriage search was used to find a possible marriage entry for Sharon, in the hope that her new surname would be more unusual. A marriage entry was found, but to be on the safe-side, the records were re-checked and it emerged that Sharon had remarried.

With this information, a current address for Sharon was found using the online electoral roll. After 40 years, Carole finally had a contact address and Sharon was able to confirm that she was indeed Carole's niece.

We've all lost touch with people who we were once close to. The stresses and strains of everyday life make it easy to forget to keep in contact, and before you know it they're gone. However, with Peopletracer's online tools you can track down people that you want to reconnect with.

Have Peopletracer's online tools helped you find someone? Let us know your success story. Contact us at info@peopletracer.co.uk