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Jan 07

Achieve your New Year's resolution: Find people in 2015

Posted on Wednesday 7th January 2015

The New Year is often a time for reflection – what went well last year? What did we struggle with? And what can we improve upon as we head into January?

Aside from the yearly staples, such as weight loss and saving the pennies, our thoughts often turn to those who aren’t there to see in the New Year with us. Whether through arguments or simply drifting apart, losing touch is far too common in today’s hectic world.

So, why not make 2015 the year that you track down lost friends and family? The following post will explain how to use Peopletracer’s people-finding tools, as well as providing you with more information to help you with your search.

Find People in 2015

Image by Stacie Stacie Stacie

Getting Started

Before you start searching, you need to gather as much information as you can about the person/people. Details such as their middle name can help you to narrow down your search, as well as distinguishing between similar results. Useful things to jot down (if you can!) include:

  • Maiden name
  • Middle name
  • Names of parents and siblings
  • Age or date of birth
  • Previous addresses
  • Old contact numbers

How to trace people using Peopletracer

Once you’ve gathered as many details as possible, it’s time to use Peopletracer’s people-finding tools.



You can choose from three Peopletracer packages: Bronze, Silver and Gold. If you’re only searching for one person, the Bronze package should be ideal. However, if you’re searching for more than one person, you may need to go for Silver or Gold. To find out how many credits each search uses view our Credit Usage Guide.

To start your search, simply create an account and then choose the search package that’s right for you.

What information will you have access to?

People Search

Our people-searching tools will trawl through hundreds of millions of records from the Electoral Roll and the UK's official Telephone Directory database. The database is updated with thousands of profiles every day, to ensure that your results are completely up-to-date.

To perform a People Search all you need is a name – however, if the name is particularly common, you may also need to enter a city or town. The results will provide you with a wealth of information, including a full address, contact number and property information.

Alternatively, you can perform an Address Search by entering a partial address, such as a street name or city. Address Search will also pin the property’s location onto Google Maps, and provide the tool, Street View, allowing you to virtually walk around the area.

Peopletracer also gives you access to financial information about a person, such as bankruptcies and County Court Judgements.

Difficulties you may encounter

There are some factors which can make tracking someone difficult. These include:

  • Marriage – if you’re looking for a female, there’s the possibility that she may have married and gained a new surname. If you can’t find her in the search results, try using our Marriage Search to find an official marriage event in England and Wales from 1984-2005. This will hopefully provide you with the new surname.

  • Death – unfortunately, there is always the possibility that the person you’re looking for may have died. Try carrying out a Death Search to find any registered mortality in England and Wales from 1976-2006.

  • Common surnames – a common surname can make it hard to distinguish between results. Refer to the notes you made in ‘Getting Started’ to try and find information, such as a middle name, which could help you to tell them apart.

Other Tactics

Social Media

Social media sites can be an extremely useful tool for finding people. Facebook and LinkedIn are particularly helpful, as people will often sign up using their real name rather than a username.

Searching on the sites themselves will often limit you to results to include people from your area, or who have contacts in common with you. However, you can also try searching “social site name+ the person’s name” in Google.

Birth Parents

Adopted adults in the UK have the right to apply for access to their original birth record. Laws differ slightly dependent on country – visit the relevant Citizens Advice page for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island for more information. You can also choose to put your information on the Adoption Contact Register.

Adopted Children

You can only try and make contact with an adopted child when they are 18 or over. Once the child is 18, if you are a birth relative, you can add your details to the register by filling in the form CR part two. You can also use an approved intermediary agency – however, you can only contact the person if they agree to it.

If you’ve lost touch with friends or family, you don’t have to let another year pass by without them in your life. Make it your New Year’s Resolution to find the people you miss and create an account with Peopletracer today.