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Peopletracer Blog

Sep 15

Friends Reunited: Peopletracer Success Stories

This month, we're going to be continuing our series on Peopletracer success stories. Over the years, we've reunited countless individuals with people that they've lost contact with.

With the click of a button, our people searching tools can start you on a journey of rediscovery. To inspire you to get started, here are some more of our favourite stories.

Aug 12

Friends Reunited: Peopletracer Success Stories

This month we're continuing our series on Peopletracer success stories. Our people searching tools have reunited countless individuals, enabling them to rekindle friendships that they might otherwise have lost.

Whether you've been out of touch for 70 years or just a couple, it can be difficult to track someone down if you rely on old fashioned methods. Here are some friends that our tools have helped to reunite.

Jul 03

World's longest separated twins reunited after 78 years

Imagine finally meeting your twin sister, after spending 78 years apart. That's what happened to Ann Hunt and Elizabeth Hamel – the world's longest separated twins.

Ann and Elizabeth were separated as babies, when their unmarried mother, Alice, was unable to take care of them both. Whilst Elizabeth stayed with her mother, Ann was given up for adoption. 78 years later, curiosity about their past finally reunited them. This is their story.

Jun 25

Friends reunited: Peopletracer success stories

It could happen to any of us – one moment you’re the closest companions, and then marriage, careers, children and general life intervenes. Before you know it, months out of contact turn into years, and the contact details you have for the person are out of date.

Mar 22

WWII evacuees traced after 68 years

Person Tracing - Percy

Persons Found - Billy and sister Hilda

Circumstances: Percy was looking for Billy and Hilda who were evacuated to his family home in Burton-on-Trent during World War 2 in 1942. At first, this appeared to be an impossible task but as the circumstances were part of our "social history", Percy was determined to succeed.