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Peopletracer Blog

Feb 15

The best of friends reunited!

John and Melvyn worked together from the age of 16 as telephone engineers and when they were in their late 20s left the company they worked for to pursue other careers. The pair sadly lost touch and hadn't been in contact for 45 years.

Wanting to trace his old friend, John used Peopletracer's electoral roll and found Melvyn living near Hull. Contact was immediately made and after meeting up the pair are the best of friends again.

Feb 09

Brother and Sister reunite after 46 years apart

Brother and sister, Michael and Dorothy, were separated when Michael was only six months old. Their mother left Michael with neighbours and took Dorothy with her to Yorkshire. Michael did not even know of her existence until 1962 when she contacted him by letter and they remained in contact for some time.

Jan 31

Old school friends reunite!

Christine wanted to reunite with her childhood friend whom she had grown up with all through their school days. The two friends lost touch when Christine moved away from the area but she really wanted to find her old friend and catch up on how their lives had been over the years.

Jan 18

Long lost cousins reunite after 50 years

Elaine* had spent a long time finding out what happened to her father Tommy* who she last saw in 1959 when she was only 10 years' old. Sadly she found out her father had passed away, but her research had made her think about her childhood.

Jan 03

Merchant Navy shipmates reunite after 40 years!

Tom* had been in the Merchant Navy from 1969 to 1973 and was keen to find two of his old shipmates.

Both of Tom's shipmates originally came from Liverpool and knowing their dates of birth and a rough idea of their surnames a GRO Birth Index search was carried out to try and confirm their details.