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Peopletracer Blog

Sep 25

Long lost sister-in-law traced back to Australia more than 20 years after losing touch

Lynda needed help finding her sister-in-law Gerda, who she hadn't heard from for over 20 years. Gerda was married to Glyn, who was Lynda's late husband Roy's brother.

Gerda and Glyn lived in Middlesex but sadly Glyn passed away in 1990 and Lynda.s family, based in Wales, lost contact with Gerda soon after.

Jul 19

Not all tracing stories have a happy ending.

Maureen wanted to find her old friends Teddy and his sister Millie from their childhood spent in Hornsey, North London.

Maureen continues to live in North London and over the years has come across relatives of her old childhood friends. However, it was only recently after seeing Teddy in several old school photographs that she was prompted to start the search in earnest. Having come to a dead end with her initial search, Maureen sought help from Peopletracer.

Jun 27

Two busy mothers lose touch in the 60’s, reunited using Peopletracer 50 years later

Joye wanted to contact Marie, her old friend who she had known since 1945. Unfortunately, the friends lost touch around 1960 when they were busy bringing up their children and changing addresses.

Jun 18

Cousins reunited in time for 70th Birthday celebrations

Irene had lost contact with her favourite cousin, Brian, roughly 10 years ago and decided to seek help in tracing him.

Irene’s search was important for two reasons - both cousins would be 70 next year and Irene had previously been unable to find Brian when they had their landmark birthdays of 60.

May 29

Michael traces his best man 45 years after losing touch

Michael wanted to trace Peter, his old school and college friend and later best man. They had lost contact with each other over 45 years ago except for the exchange of Christmas cards, which ceased in the early 70's.