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Births, Deaths and Marriages

Birth, Death and Marriage records can often be the ideal place to start when searching for someone if you don’t have up-to-date information for that person. For example, you’re unlikely to be successful searching the Electoral Roll for a female using her maiden name without knowing her new married name. By using Peopletracer’s Marriage search, you can enter her full maiden name, locate her official marriage record and discover her full married name.

Peopletracer provides instant online access to all three of these official indexes. Our information is sourced from the General Register Office, a department of the Office of National Statistics, assuring you our databases are official and complete. Each search will reveal up to 400 records. If you exceed 400 results, it’s possible to refine your search with various extra criteria.

Birth Search

Our online birth search facility instantly locates official birth records in England and Wales from 1984-2006. Birth search results reveal the full name of the person, the mother’s maiden name, month and year of registration, and the registered district. However, they do not provide a date of birth.

Our sophisticated birth search database allows you to conduct a birth search using flexible criteria, such as surname only or full name. Birth search results can be fine-tuned by adding the year of birth or the mother’s maiden name.

Birth searches can be extremely useful if you’re trying to find someone with a common name like Jane Smith. Birth search results can sometimes provide a crucial middle name or initial which will help filter results when performing a people search.

Death Search

Our online death search contains every registered mortality in England and Wales from 1976-2006. Death search results include the name of deceased, precise date of birth, month and year of registration and registered district.

Flexible death search matching is available allowing you to mortality search for people with just the name of the deceased. To refine the search further you can add a middle name, year of birth or year of death. Death search records cannot provide a precise date of death as this information is not included in the death search database.

Marriage Search

If you are searching for an official marriage event in England and Wales from 1984-2005, our online marriage search will find the marriage record instantly. Marriage searches provide the name of parties, month and year of registration and registered district; but not the exact date of marriage.

Our powerful marriage search database is very flexible with search criteria. It’s possible to search with just one full name or surname of either party. Marriage search information can also be filtered further by adding year of marriage or the names of both parties.

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